Jon Sheer’s Eternal Japan Exhibition

Jon Sheer’s Eternal Japan Exhibition

On Saturday the 6th of June, I had the pleasure of attending a party to mark the opening of Tokyo based photographer, Jon Sheer’s exhibition, Eternal Japan.

Eternal Japan

Twilight In The Sprawl (on the Eternal Japan Exhibition Flyer)

Having communicated with Jon for many months via Flickr and the odd phone conversation, it was great to finally meet him. I love Jon’s work and was expecting great images, but I have to say that seeing his work in 13×19″ prints on the wall far surpassed my expectations. It was an experience that I won’t forget in a hurry. The Guinness was pretty damn good too!

Martin with Jon Sheer

Martin with Jon Sheer

Exhibition Dates & Location

If you can get to Tokyo before the 29th of June, 2009, you have to make your way to the Grail Bar, in Nishi–Azabu. It’s a small British bar, and not open during the day. They’re open from 6:00pm to 5:00am Monday to Saturday, and closed Sundays. Here’s the address etc.

Grail Bar
Azabu-Empire Mansion 2F
4-11-28 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 106-0031
TEL/FAX 03-3499-6366

The Art

All of the images in the exhibition are HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. Jon is a master of HDR. Some of them have a bit of an HDR look, but none of them are overdone and gaudy. He uses very subtle tones that even when you can tell they’re HDR only serve to add to the image.

Jon was also kind enough to send me three images to share here to give you a taste of what can be seen at Eternal Japan Exhibition. Just look at these!

Oracle Of The Subconcious

Oracle Of The Subconcious

Alley Of Broken Dreams

Alley Of Broken Dreams

Temple of Haunted Nightmares: Ghosts of the Storm

Temple of Haunted Nightmares: Ghosts of the Storm

Truly wonderful work!

Thanks for the invite Jon! I had a great night, and it was great to see your art “in the flesh” and to finally meet you!

Jon on the Web

A wonderful selection of Jon’s work can be seen on his BLUECANVAS site.

You can also find Jon under the guise of “JRaptor” on Flickr. His Photostream really is something else, so do check it out.

Interview Podcast

Following the Exhibition, Jon agreed to record an interview with me for the Martin Bailey Photography Podcast. You can listen to Episode #194 in iTunes, or download the audio files from my Podcasts page. Do take a listen to this gem-filled conversation with an amazingly talented artist.


Grab a demo of Lightzone, the image processing software that Jon mentions here: [no longer live]

A wonderful selection of Jon’s work can be seen on his BLUECANVAS site: [Removed invalid link]

You can also find Jon under the guise of JRaptor on Flickr:

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