In Conversation with Adam Taylor (Podcast 726)

In Conversation with Adam Taylor (Podcast 726)

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Today it’s my pleasure to bring you an inspiring interview with a talented, globetrotting photographer, Adam Taylor. Adam shares his story with us, including early entrepreneurial tendencies, and how he initially got started in BMX and action sports photography, then transitioned to fitness photography in the same geographical market. He then switched to real estate which he transitioned to design/architecture in the same geographical market, but with greatly reduced travel requirements. With COVID having dampened his dream plans to move with his family to Bhali earlier this year, he has recently moved to Hawaii, where he now faces developing a brand new client base while sticking with his now-familiar design and architecture photography.

Adam has also created a substantial online course called Learn to License Your Photos which he shares details of during our conversation, and he kindly provided a 25% discount for any of my readers/listeners. Enter the code “Martin” during checkout to claim your discount.

Discussion Photos

As the conversation was not scripted we do not have e a manuscript for this week’s episode, but Adam provided five of his images to talk about and help illustrate his path to this point, which you can find below.

You can find Adam here:

Adam’s Learn to License Your Photos course is here:

Show Notes

You can find Adam’s Learn to License Your Photos course here:

Music by Martin Bailey


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