Skiing SCI-FI-Style with Reuben Krabbe (Podcast 683)

Skiing SCI-FI-Style with Reuben Krabbe (Podcast 683)

In this interview, I introduce you to the world or Reuben Krabbe, although his work is literally out of this world. Reuben asked himself, what would happen if I shot ski photos using a telescope? Like, a big mountain top, house size telescope?” It seems that he went on to shoot with a regular telephoto lens, but that question propelled Reuben on an unusual and incredible journey to create some groundbreaking photographs.

After the critically acclaimed photograph and film “Eclipse” in 2015, which followed Reuben’s vision for a ski photograph during a solar eclipse, his new film Nebula, released today, sends him looking much further. Step inside Reuben’s creative process, aspiration, love for the great outdoors, and signature creativity, as he sets out to create what may be the most challenging ski photograph ever made.

Reuben Krabbe
Reuben Krabbe

As our conversation was not scripted, there is no manuscript for this week’s post, but here is a list of the main questions that I asked of Reuben.

  • Tell us about yourself. How did you get into photography?
  • What lead you to develop a love for skiing and the great outdoors.
  • What sparked the question about shooting a skier with a telescope that led to your Eclipse photo in 2015?
  • What was the most difficult problem you had to overcome to make your Eclipse photo?
  • Tell us about your shot with the skier and the Aurora.
  • Tell us about Nebula, your new film?
  • What advice do you have for other young photographers getting into photography as a profession?
  • Where can people go to see your work and catch up with you?

Catch up with Reuben

You can see more of Reuben’s beautiful work on Instagram here:

And on his website here:

Nebula Film

The film was released today, although I did not realize until now that there is a small price tag to watch or buy the film, but you can find the trailer here and decide for yourself if you want to pay to watch.

The Images

Here are Reuben’s three amazing images.

Show Notes

Music by Martin Bailey


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