Introducing Capture One Pro 11 New Features (Podcast 599)

Introducing Capture One Pro 11 New Features (Podcast 599)

Phase One has launched version 11 of my chosen raw image editing software Capture One Pro with some great new features that we’re going to take a look at today.

I have been using Capture One Pro 11 over the past few weeks, getting used to the new features, and I am very impressed with what Phase One has done in this recent major update.

To quickly name some of the new features that have really resonated with me, we’re talking about huge improvements in how layers are handled, including Layer Opacity and Annotations, and great new Refine Edge options. We can now change the masks feather after creating it, and there’s a new Grey Scale Mask to help us when further refining edits. Overall speed and performance have been improved, and another thing that I’m pleased to see is an Import Duplicate Checker. 

I’ve created a video to walk you through these new features so grab a coffee or whatever and take a look.

If you haven’t tried Capture One Pro yet, you can download and use a fully functional version for 30 days here:

And to help you get up to speed, you can list all of the Capture One Pro tutorials that I’ve released so far here:

Show Notes

Download and try Capture One Pro here:

My Capture One Pro Tutorials:

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