Fine Art Border Tools Plugin for Adobe Photoshop Video (Podcast 745)

Fine Art Border Tools Plugin for Adobe Photoshop Video (Podcast 745)

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Just a short audio episode today to let you know that I’ve just released a video to walk you through how you can use my new MBP Fine Art Border Tools plugin for Adobe Photoshop to resize and add borders for Web and Print, as well as adding a watermark. I’ve just released an update that enables you to now save multiple watermark image files and easily switch between them, improving the flexibility of the plugin, so check out that update if you’ve already bought FAB Tools. I also include a demonstration of how you can layout and print images on roll media or larger sheet media to save money on stocking lots of smaller media sizes, and we trim them in two different ways as well.

I’ve embedded the video below, so please check that out, and if you’d like to pick up a copy of this new plugin, you can buy it from the Adobe Exchange Creative Cloud marketplace here.

Show Notes

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Product Page:

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