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MBP Pro Membership and Mentorship programs are designed to help you take your photography to the next level.

MBP Pro Members get immediate access to a beautifully formatted PDF document with high-resolution images for all articles released and a new high-resolution desktop wallpaper image each month.

All members get access to our members-only community area, where you can interact with Martin and other like-minded photographer members to discuss a myriad of topics to help you grow both technically and creatively.

MBP Pro Members also enjoy a 5% discount on any fine art prints or digital products purchased from the MBP website.

Membership is paid monthly, quarterly or yearly, with a commitment from us to provide a minimum of 3 PDF article eBooks every month. When we release more posts, you’ll get more PDFs. Note that for the occasional video podcast that we release, unless there are a lot of notes or example images to share, there will not be a companion PDF document. However, when we don’t do 3 regular posts in a month, we’ll release a PDF for a popular post from our archives.

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