MBP FILM EXIF Updater Script

The MBP Film EXIF Updater Script On Sale NOW!

The MBP Film EXIF Updater Script is designed to help you to quickly and safely add EXIF data to images that you shot on film and scanned in to your computer.

Note that the Film EXIF Updater Script is currently only available for Mac OS X. We will update this page as soon as other operating systems are supported. Please also consider subscribing to our newsletters for updates.

Check Out the Prerequisites BEFORE You Buy

Licensing Models

There are two licensing models, subscription and perpetual licenses.

The Perpetual License

The perpetual license does not expire and includes free updates and limited support for at least three years, including full version updates. At the end of the three years, the license will continue to work, but we cannot guarantee any further updates. If updates are released, you will be able to use them. After updates stop being released, you can continue to use the product for as long as it is possible to execute the script.

Subscription License

The subscription license is payable yearly at a reduced rate, and comes with all updates, including full version updates while you have a valid subscription. The subscription model also comes with premium support. Martin Bailey Photography K.K. reserves the right to stop developing and/or maintaining this software at any time, with notice that will not be any shorter than the last day of any active and valid subscriptions.

Optional Prerequisite Setup

If the prerequisite setup procedures look daunting or you are not able to prepare your environment sufficiently, you can purchase a Setup Session when you purchase your license or any time afterward.