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Reach our Audience with Paid Advertisement

Since 2005 Martin Bailey Photography have built a loyal audience of photographers from around the world.

We value the time that our visitors give us, so we only accept paid advertising for products and services that we ourselves would use or feel would be of interest to our audience.

If you would like to reach our audience with a variety of ad styles via the Broadstreet infrastructure, please use the below form and tell us about the product or service that you would like to advertise.

We can provide banner space (728 x 90 pixels) above, below and/or in the middle of posts. We can also provide sidebar placements (250 x 250 pixels or taller) at the top, bottom and/or middle of the right sidebar. We are also open to discuss using other ad types available from Broadstreet according to your needs.

You can opt to receive weekly, monthly and/or quarterly reports of your advertisement activity and you can access your reports realtime on the Broadstreet web site to track the success of your campaigns and tweak them as necessary once an account is established.

Pricing varies based on the type of advertisement you require and number of placements etc. We will work through this with you before you start your campaign.

First, please send us your product or service details and we’ll let you know if you are a match for our audience.


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