Shooting Spaces with Rich Baum and Brian Berkowitz (Podcast 764)

Shooting Spaces with Rich Baum and Brian Berkowitz (Podcast 764)

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If you are interested in shooting real-estate photographs as a business, today’s episode is for you, as I have two great guests, Rich Baum and Brian Berkowitz, who are successful real-estate photographers and educators. We talk about how they got into photography and what lead them to real-estate photography as a business, and how the pandemic has actually been very kind to them, as people and businesses were unfortunately uprooted as a result. Both gentlemen share a wealth of tips and ‘tricks’ to help you become a better real-estate photographer.

The guys have been releasing their own podcast Shooting Spaces which you can find on all of the major networks, and also created a course each for residential and commercial real estate photography, and have kindly provided a discount code for listeners. You can get a 25% discount using the code MBP25 when you buy either or both courses at

Rich Baum
Rich Baum

Rich Baum is a California-based photographer & educator specializing in Interiors Photography working for national developers, residential and commercial real estate agents, builders, and designers. 

Since 2017 Rich has had a large online presence as a trusted industry authority with the success of his YouTube Channel featuring tutorials focusing on Real Estate Photography Tips, Tricks & Techniques. He has also hosted dozens of hands-on workshops around the United States, provided private coaching for hundreds of photographers, and cohosts “Shooting Spaces” a Real Estate Photography Podcast. 

Brian Berkowitz
Brian Berkowitz

Brian Berkowitz is a commercial real estate, architectural and luxury retail photographer based out of NYC. After spending many years shooting residential real estate, Brian transitioned to shooting commercial real estate.

This transition ultimately led to shooting commercial retail spaces for Rolex, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Pandora, Zegna & more. Brian is also the founder and co-host of The Shooting Spaces Podcast, currently, the only podcast available for the real estate photography industry.

Here is a gallery of the images that we discussed during our conversation.

Show Notes

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