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Slide PHOTOGRAPHER'S FRIEND for iOS An assistant in your pocket! Apple Watch
Depth of Field
Designed for practical use and Educational situations, dial ranges allow calculations to the extremes of the physics of light in molecular detail. Pixel Peeper mode takes Photographer's Friend way past traditional Depth of Field calculation. Neutral Density Filter
Calculate exposure times when using single or stacked Neutral Density Filters and run a timer right there in Photographer's Friend. Again, the educational element allows for exposures up to 30 Years! Use the Depth of Field Calculator Neutral Density Filter Calculator on your Apple Watch, with iPhone Synching and remote control for ND Calc Timer.
* Available as In-App Purchase
Exposure Shift
See the relationship between exposure settings while locking Shutter Speed, Aperture or ISO, os lock the EV (Exposure Value) and calculate the other two values based on a single dial shift. Visit App Page

Pensive Power The Wildlife of Japan A portfolio of images from Nagano and mostly Hokkaido, the Northern Island of Japan.

Includes the beautiful Japanese Red-Crowned Cranes, magestic Steller's Sea Eagle and White-Tailed Eagles, Whooper Swans, Northern Red Fox and Ural Owls, among other subjects.
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Tree with Grasses The Landscapes of Japan Mostly winter scenes from Hokkaido, the Northern Island of Japan, where Martin has travelled every year since 2003 and has been running popular Tours & Workshops since 2008. View Tour Page  View Portfolio  Smoking Dune with Camel Thorn Tree Complete Namibia A multitude of images covering a myriad of subjects from Africa's South-Western jewel, Namibia

In this portfolio you'll find jaw-dropping landscapes, beautiful and rugged people, and majestic wildlife.
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Jewel on the Shore Magnificent Iceland Discover Iceland through Martin's lens and sense of the aesthetic. Sprawling and dynamic landscapes, seductive seascapes and awesome waterfalls. View Portfolio  The Wizard All Portfolios Take a look at our Portfolios page for more work from Antarctica, Greenland, Morocco and many other locations and genres.

There is also a video section with slideshows and a few short movies.
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