Monthly Desktop Wallpaper

All of 2019 Images Plus a New Wallpaper Each Month for 1 Year!

Liven up your computer desktop with some high-resolution wallpaper of Martin’s images

Just $2.50 / month (paid yearly) with 12 images free to start your collection

All of the images are provided in 4K! That’s 3840 pixels wide so they look great on Retina screens and large displays, as well as your iPhone or iPad screen. Your starter pack of 12 images is delivered as soon as you subscribe, and your new wallpaper will be delivered a few days either side of the start of each new month. Your subscription will auto-renew every twelve months until you cancel it.

Monthly Wallpaper Subscription
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Download your 12 Image Starter Pack straight after subscribing!

Within a day or two of the start of each month, you will receive an email with your new wallpaper attached

To set your wallpaper as your desktop background, unzip the JPEG format image, then right-click it and select something like Set Desktop Picture. Here is an example from a Mac, but this is pretty much the same on Windows.

Setting as Desktop Background
Setting as Desktop Background
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If you have any questions about the subscription, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.