MBP Mentorship Paths

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You Do This Course First!
Wing Flurry

Getting Started

The Getting Started course helps you to become accustomed to the MBP Mentorship Learning System while enabling us to learn more about you and your goals and customize your Mentorship Paths.

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Choose Random Assignments
Elephant Bonding

Random Assignments

Here you will find an assortment of Random Assignments that you can select from any time to work on and build your photography skills.

Let's Get Busy!

Level Two Mentorship Path

Photography as a Business

After more than ten years in business, despite our unique business model, there are plenty of things that Martin can confidently relay to you in a bid to help you become more successful as a business owner, either full time, or as a part-time endeavor.

Let's Talk Business!

Level One Mentorship Path
Martin in Iceland by Paul Kelly

Camera Skills & Field Techniques

Build your camera skills to free-up more mental bandwidth for the creative process. This mentorship concentrates on exposure, camera handling, best practices, and field techniques.

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Level One Mentorship Path
Martin with 2 x 4 Foot Print on Optica One

Printing Primer

In this course, we learn the fundamentals of making prints, starting with buying a printer, color management basics, exposure considerations, and media selection.

Let's Get Printing!

Level One Mentorship Path
MBP Portfolio Case

Creating a Portfolio

In this Mentorship path, you will be walked through all the steps required to create a sophisticated and impressive photography portfolio.

Show Your Stuff!

Level One Mentorship Path
Martin's Mic


Podcasting can help you to create an audience and with dedication can become an invaluable marketing vehicle. In this Mentorship Path, you'll learn everything you need to know to create a quality podcast, and how to avoid Podfade!

The Podosphere Awaits!

Level Two Mentorship Path
Martin with the Canon PRO-4000 44" Printer

Fine Art Printing

Building on the Printing Primer Mentorship Path, in the Fine Art Printing Mentorship we take a deeper dive into what it takes to make beautiful fine art prints.

Printing Level-Up!

Level Two Mentorship Path
Martin in Landmannalaugar

Landscape Photography

In this Mentorship Path, we take a deeper dive into techniques and creative considerations related to creating Landscape photographs.

Open Spaces Call!

Level Two Mentorship Path
The Scowl

Wildlife Photography

In this Mentorship Path, we take a deeper dive into techniques and creative considerations related to creating beautiful Wildlife photographs.

Let's Walk on the Wild Side!