Membership & Mentorship Programs

Take your photography to the next level with a Membership or Mentorship Program!

NOTE: We are phasing in these memberships gradually, with the MBP Pro Membership ready for you to subscribe now!

We are working to make MBP Mentorships ready for sign-up by around September or October 2020, and there will be prorated upgrade pricing available, so jump on board now with a Pro membership and upgrade later using the remainder of your subscription payment!

Basic Free Membership

The Basic Membership is completely Free and gives unlimited access to all blog posts. Without a Basic Membership you will be limited to viewing three posts per week.

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PDF eBooks of All New Articles

We know that many of you enjoy reading my articles each week, so in addition to web access to all articles, MBP Pro includes a beautiful members-only downloadable PDF eBook of each new article released with up to 3,860 pixel wide high-resolution images so that you can fully appreciate the real-world example photos included even on 4K and 5K displays, and of course, read them offline or even print them.

View some sample pages and see viewing instructions here.

MBP Pro Members Library
MBP Pro Members Library

Members Library

Your membership gives you instant access to the Members Library, which currently contains all eBooks released since March 2020, in magazine rack style, and when you tap or click on a book it opens in a full screen in a lightbox with page-turning, zoom, bookmarks and thumbnails section, etc. 

You need to be online to use the viewer, but it works great on a computer, iPad, tablet, and smartphone. On smaller screens, the view automatically splits the pages, which makes reading much easier on small screens. If you want to download any of the eBooks as you browse, there is a download button in the viewer toolbar as well. Note too that there is currently no restriction on which months you view and download, so join now, and get access to the entire backlog!

MBP Pro Members Library eBook Viewer
MBP Pro Members Library eBook Viewer

Feature Rich Profile Pages

All members get a special profile page with a Wall to post their own updates, pages to post portfolios and slideshows, and members forum updates and features for communicating with other members. This really takes your MBP Experience to the next level!

Full Featured Profile Page Sample
Full Featured Profile Page Sample

Note that Basic Free Members also get a Profile Page, but some of the paid features are disabled.

Subscription Management

There is a Manage Subscriptions item in your Account Menu (when logged in) that takes you directly to a page to manage your current subscription, including upgrading, downgrading and cancelling it, as well as setting new payment methods etc.

Manage Subscriptions Menu Item
Manage Subscriptions Menu Item

From your My Account section, you can manage all other aspects of your account, including collecting your member downloads, tracking shipment of physical products, managing consultancy or mentorship session bookings, and even, should you ever want to, delete your entire account. Note though that deleting your account doesn’t cancel a subscription. You have to cancel your subscription before deleting your account.

Members-only Community

MBP Pro Members and Mentees get access to our members-only community area, where you can interact with Martin and other like-minded photographer members to discuss a myriad of topics to help you grow both technically and creatively. 

Monthly Wallpaper

MBP Pro Members and Mentees receive a new high-resolution desktop wallpaper image each month.

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MBP Pro Mentorship!

In addition to our MBP Pro Memberships, we will be offering a Mentorship which includes all of the MBP Pro benefits, but also you get two one-hour consultation session with Martin each quarter in which you have a choice of having a 10 to 15 photo portfolio review, fine art printing consultation, photography business or general photography Q&A consultation session.

You specify which type of consultation you want when you book your session and you can switch between session type freely. Martin then customizes your session based on your requirements.

Exclusive Mentee Lounge!

Mentees also get access to the exclusive Mentee Lounge in which you can exchange notes with other mentees and pick challenging assignments to take your photography to the next level. The Mentee lounge get priority replies from Martin on topics under discussion.

Photography Related Assignments

As a Mentee, you’ll also be able to pick-up assignments in the Mentee Lounge and interact with other Mentees and Martin to discuss your results or any challenges you are facing.

Discounted Additional Mentee Consultation

If you find that you need more than two consultation sessions per quarter, as a mentee, you can book additional consultation sessions at a 10% discount, subject to availability of open consultation slots.

Mentorships Limited to 10 Mentees

The Mentorship program will initially be limited to 10 mentees to ensure that Martin is able to dedicate sufficient time to each mentee. There is no guarantee that we’ll get ten people to sign up, so interaction in the Mentee Lounge may be a little sparse, to begin with.

5% or 10% Discounts by Level

MBP Pro members get a 5% discount on all fine art prints or digital products or consultation sessions purchased from this website, and Mentees get a 10% discount. (including 10% off any additional consultation bought during a quarter. One session per quarter is included in the Mentorship.)

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MBP Commitment

Your membership comes with a commitment from Martin Bailey Photography K.K. to provide a minimum of 10 article PDF eBooks every quarter for all membership levels. If we release more posts, you’ll get more PDFs.

Note that for the occasional regular public video podcasts that we do, unless there are a lot of notes or images to share, there will not be a companion PDF document.

Payment Schedule

MBP Pro Membership can be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly. MBP Pro Mentorships are payable quarterly or yearly. You can cancel your subscription at any time and keep your PDF articles and any desktop wallpaper that you downloaded with an active membership.

There are no refunds for early cancellation of membership. You will simply not be charged again.

Pricing & Comparison Chart


Basic Membership


Full access to all posts
Feature Rich Profile Page
Limited Functionality
PDF eBook of each new article
Monthly High-resolution Desktop Wallpaper
Access to members-only community area
Discount on Fine Art Prints, Digital Products and consultation
Access to Exclusive Mentee Lounge
Mentee Assignments
Two 1 hour Portfolio Review or Consultation Session with Martin each quarter
Start Subscription
Coming Soon!


If you have any questions at all about these membership levels or subscription details, please do drop us a line.