Canon EOS 7D Mark II Viewfinder Mockup Tool

Proudly announcing the Canon EOS 7D Mark II Viewfinder Mockup Tool!

Version 1.0 (May 2015)

Canon EOS 7D Mark II Viewfinder Mockup Vertical
Canon EOS 7D Mark II Viewfinder Mockup Vertical

As educators, we often need to show camera settings to students or readers of our education material, and having the ability to completely recreate what the student sees through the viewfinder helps them to much more easily understand what you are teaching them.

Creating a viewfinder mockup from scratch takes a huge amount of time though, so we’ve done it for you!

Taking what we learned from making and using our initial 5D Mark III  viewfinder mockup tool, and incorporating all of the incredible new viewfinder elements of the 7D Mark II, this new Photoshop file has approximately four times more graphic and enhanced layout and effect options.

The 7D Mark II Viewfinder Mockup Tool is designed to help you to create exactly what the camera user sees through the viewfinder, including every possible camera setting. We’ve also included a preset for every shutter speed, aperture setting, and ISO setting.

Every element is available as a layer, so you can turn them on and off easily. This includes all of the focus points in various states, in-screen grid-lines and all of the camera settings indicators, such as Aperture, White Balance, Shutter Speed, ISO settings and much more.

No detail has been left out. There are meter scales with a caret that can be used to show the light metering levels, and the new in-screen electronic level. You can turn on flash indicators, change white balance and file format settings, and even change the battery charge level. We’ve included an example photo, with an adjustable blur layer assigned, so that you can easily emulate an out of focus image before focus is achieved.

The file is 4096 x 3040 pixels, which is 4K video width, but a little bit taller, so your images are large enough to be used in 4K video, ebooks, and detailed enough for print.

Use in Video

Because the file is made up of layers, it can be used to create an overlay for software like Adobe After Effects to emulate someone looking through a viewfinder in the first person, and the file resolution is already optimized for 4K video.

Requires Adobe Photoshop

To use the file and create your mockups you will need Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer.

The file was created and tested using Photoshop CC (version 14), although it should work without issues down to Photoshop CS6. It may work on earlier versions, but some layer grouping will be lost.

How To Use The Mockup File

No installation is required. Just unzip and save the file to your hard drive, then open it in Photoshop to start creating your viewfinder Mockups. Please keep the master copy, so that you can get back to a clean version easily, although you can come back here and download it again from your account page any time after purchase. It’s also useful to save some base copies in various states if you emulate certain types of viewfinder regularly.

It might be easier to understand exactly how the tool works, by watching this short walkthrough video.


Usage Examples

When you first download your 7D Mark II Viewfinder Mockup Tool PSD file, almost all of the layers and effects are turned on, so that you can see what is available.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II Mockup with Everything ON
Canon EOS 7D Mark II Mockup with Everything ON

It only takes a minute or so to go through the layers panel and hide shooting modes, white balance, drive modes, and AF modes etc. leaving only the modes that you want to display in your mockup. A tip for when you need to turn lots of layers on or off is to click with your mouse and drag the pointer along all of the layers that you want to hide or display.

In this example, I quickly removed all but one Exposure caret in both the bottom and right side exposure meter scales to emulate Exposure Compensation settings in Aperture Priority mode. Similarly, you can use this to show the results of the camera’s own meter reading. Note that the Electronic Level is also indicated a 1° tilt to the right. To switch from red to black, simply hide the effect on the layer at the top of the Layers palette.

7D Mark II - Achieved Focus!
7D Mark II – Achieved Focus!

You can easily turn off all viewfinder elements and turn off all but one of the AF Point as in this example, and select one of the AF Mode Selection options to emulate changing modes. Note that the camera always displays the AF Points in red while changing modes.

7D Mark II Viewfinder Mockup - SEL AF
7D Mark II Viewfinder Mockup – SEL AF

Although we’ve tried to include all screen messages such as these AF Selection Modes, there may be new messages added by future firmware updates, so we’ve included the individual digit bars for all numbers so that you can create any new messages yourself as necessary.

Intelligent Layer Names and Setting Presets

Click on these screenshots to view larger if necessary. As you can see the layers are all labeled so that you can easily find the element or setting that you are looking for, and quickly change the settings to those of the scenario you are emulating, and we’ve created most common Shutter Speeds, Apertures, and ISO Settings as presets, so that you don’t have to create each settings using the available numbers.

Adjust Layer Transparency for Authentic Viewfinder Look

The graphic elements have been set to a transparency of 70%, which will show the elements better in your mockups, but it is actually a little bit darker than a real viewfinder. If you prefer, simply lower the transparency of the Image Area layer to around 40% for a more authentic look. This one slider changes the transparency for the entire image area.

7D Mark II Viewfinder Mockup with Image Area Layer at 40% Transparency
7D Mark II Viewfinder Mockup with Image Area Layer at 40% Transparency


Each mockup file package contains a text file with a version number, which you can compare to the version number at the top of this page. If there is a newer version available, login by selecting My Account under the Shop menu above, and you will be able to download the latest version of your mockup file from the Available Downloads section. If you have any problems, just let us know and we’ll get you the latest version.

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